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Complementary Therapies

I love learning and exploring. Over the years I have studied many therapies that have come my way. From flower remedies to reiki to EFT to breathing practices and meditation. I believe all of them are powerful techniques that work on balancing the bodies energy and improving emotional and physical well being. I love to share Reiki during relaxation at the end of a yoga class or during a 1:1 yoga therapy session. EFT (Emotional freedom technique) is a fabulous self help tool, which I use daily on myself or share with others in healing work. I enjoy bringing all of these techniques together and focusing them on different issues commonly experienced amongst my students. For example, sleep is something many people struggle with and I run  group workshops sharing tools and techniques that can help improve quality of sleep.


I love sleep! I also love helping helping others enjoy restful, restorative sleep. I run various courses both in person and online.

Courses are available over a 3 week period to help practice what we explore.

Corporate programmes to enhance employee well being are also available.

Please contact me for more details.


Sound has such a powerful effect on the body and mind. Combining yoga and sound is a match made in heaven! I run these every 3 months with SoundCalm.


EFT (tapping) is a wonderful tool that can be useful for all sorts of things, including: stress, anxiety, sleep problems, phobias and general uplifting of energy. I offer 1:1 sessions either in person or on zoom. £55 per hour.


A place to share all of the wonderful products and books that enhance well being- site to be published in 2024


I am a Reiki 2  practitioner and  offer treatments in my cosy studio in Haslemere. Reiki is a wonderful practice that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace and wellbeing. Sessions can include Reiki drumming. £45 per hour

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