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My first blog ever!

I am always learning thanks to the nature of my fabulous work as a Yoga Teacher and the inspiration and questions my students provide.

Today I was looking into a disorder called PMR that a new student suffers from. In doing so I set off down the path of complementary therapies to help auto immune disorders. Grounding jumped out at me again and caused me to revisit this fascinating concept. Basically the premise is that we need the electrons that the earth provides (by walking barefoot) to support our immune function. Numerous clinical studies have shown the positive benefits of as little as 15 minutes of direct contact with the earth. Most of us walk around in rubber soled shoes all day and rarely get to go barefoot. Since we may be reluctant to go outside at this time of year, several 'grounding' mats have been developed which allow us to benefit from the earths electrical charge without getting cold feet! I forgot that I had a grounding mat under my desk which is now plugged in(just into the earth socket on the plug - so no electricity is used) and being used as I type!!

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