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Sa ta na ma

I've been playing with the 'sa ta na ma' meditation for a few years having come across it while researching ways to improve memory. It is an ancient meditation based on the mantra sat nam which translates as 'my true essence' or 'truth is my identity'. Research, including that done at UCLA in California has shown that the practice can improve memory as well as reduce stress levels and increase other cognitive functions such as reasoning and intuition. The meditation involves three parts- mantra (sa ta na ma), mudra (sometimes described as hand yoga) and visualisation.

Whilst touching thumb to each finger in turn say sa ta na ma (starting thumb to index sa, middle finger ta, ring finger na, baby finger ma 1 minute aloud,1 minute whisper,2 minutes silently,1 minute whisper,1 minute aloud. The practice can be increased to 2 mins aloud, 2 mins whisper, 4 mins silently, 2 whisper, 2 aloud. At the same time try and visualise energy flowing in through the crown of the head and out though the third eye (between the eyebrows) Let me know how you get on with it!

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