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Some of my favourite books

I love the combination of yoga and energy medicine, based on the work by the fabulous Donna Eden. I use a few of her ideas in class.

A useful cookery book based on the concept of eating a more alkaline diet. I particularly like the chick pea stew, granola and daal recipes.

A gentle restorative yoga book with some lovely ideas for when you want to ease into calming, gentle postures. Some require props such as a bolster bit it's possible to improvise!

Probably the book I mention most! It gives a clear introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as well as introducing some good energy medicine exercises that I often use in class. Highly recommend if you want to learn more about energy medicine.

My current read. I'm drawn towards learning more about qigong, Chinese energy medicine system. I'm half way through and it is a really good book. It seems there is lot's of cross over between qi gong and yoga.

I use this book a lot. Simple seasonal sequences including yoga and qigong. Clear explanation of the Chinese five element theory which is useful in planning seasonal yoga classes.

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